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How to Start a Business with Small Capital for Beginners - Bona Colombia J. Albornoz
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Having some capital is the first step in starting a business or personal business. It is undeniable that many individuals have the ambition to become successful entrepreneurs, gain profits, and even create job opportunities for others. However, only a few are able to realize these ideals. The reason is, to develop a business to be big from the beginning is not as easy as turning the palm of your hand.

1. Start with determination and track needs along with wholesale prices.

Basically, everyone is able to start a business with even a small capital. But how do you start a business with a small capital? First of all, you must convince yourself and be determined to start a business, such as determining what kind of business you want to run. Then you can feel shopping for all the equipment and business needs by looking for goods or materials that are cheap or wholesale.

2. Determine the Business Line

The first way to start a business that we must do is to determine what line of business we want to run. We can’t possibly start various kinds of businesses at one time because it only causes unfocus and all ends in failure. Especially if our business capital is minimal, make sure to determine a line of business that doesn’t require much capital and focus on that type of business. There are many types of businesses that can be run with limited capital, such as various types of food businesses, clothing businesses, or service businesses.

3. Utilizing existing resources

When starting a small capital business, it is imperative to use the resources you already have. These resources can be knowledge, connections, collectibles, or even the area where you currently live. By using these resources, you can save on initial capital costs and accelerate business development.

4. Electricity Token Business

Currently, residents sbobet88 feel they are changing to a prepaid electricity system or in other words using electricity tokens. Not only in urban areas, residents in villages also feel active in using electricity tokens. Therefore, the inspiration for small capital businesses in villages, can be with selling electricity tokens as a profitable business.

In addition, this type of business is considered low risk. Almost similar to the credit business, there are no specific requirements to be able to become an electricity token seller or reseller. You only need to find a PLN electricity token distributor in the area where you live. For example, the average profit for each transaction is IDR 3,000. If you can get 10 customers each day, then the profit per day is IDR 30,000.

5. Make good use of social media together

The era of internet technology today is indeed increasingly easy for everyone to spread messages or information to the whole world. Currently almost everyone has at least one social media account. This must be used as an entrepreneur who is just starting a business with small capital.

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